About us

" Every Non-Profit Organization has a story to tell. We are the storytellers. "

- Neil Oakshott | Eclipse Productions

A Brief History Of Eclipse

20 years of producing world-class, award-winning videos and video content for live events.

Whether you're a non-profit organization, foundation, research institute, corporation or event producer, our goal is to create a holistic experience for your audience. From the moment they arrive at your event to the moment they leave we create the visual story: video productions, visual FX, Keynote presentations, sponsor loops, transitions…the whole enchilada.

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About us

Eclipse is an exciting, creative team of storytellers based in Montreal, Canada.

We use the latest production tools to tell your story in the most visually powerful way possible. And we don't just produce the content, we work with you before the event and onsite to ensure that everything works perfectly.

We have earned an international reputation for the quality and creativity of our work, for our attention to client needs, and to efficient turnaround of projects with tight deadlines and even tighter budgets.

Furthermore, we have the experience, the resources and the creativity to help you tell your story anywhere in the world. And many of our clients come back year after year for their annual events, galas and meetings, and each year we raise the bar, finding new and exciting ways to tell their story.

So for your next event why not let us tell your story.

Great Storytelling

With our award-winning skills we know how to tell a great story.


Powerful Images

They say 'image is everything'. As experienced cinematographers we know how to capture the moment.

The Right Tools

From drones to 4K cameras to editing and presentation software we are at the head of the curve.

Our Awards

Let us tell your story...

We can't wait to hear from you whether by phone, by e-mail, or you can fill out our contact form.