Galas and Fundraisers

Galas & Fundraisers

Over the years Eclipse has built up an extensive portfolio of big-screen videos for major national and international Galas and fundraisers. But the videos tell only part of the story. We are particularly well-known for producing high quality visuals and branding for events which complement the main video itself so that the entire  experience, from the audience’s point of view, becomes immersive and seamless. Transitions, segues and other elements such as sponsor loops and factoid/information slides all blend into one experience.

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Eclipse was hired to produce video, and video content, for a major Gala in support of a mjaor international research Institute based in Montreal. Unlike cancer, heart disease or diseases of the very young or old, clinical research is a not an obvious emotional theme. It does not have instant impact on patient lives, on the contrary, patient outcomes might not be seen for decades. The challenge, therefore, is to give the audience a compelling reason to support research... especially difficult when there are many other causes with more 'immediate' results out there.


Our approach was to immerse the audience in the world of research using powerful visuals, powerful stories and a fascinating approach that allowed the audience to connect with the theme on many levels. The screen we decided upon was 125 feet across by 22 feet high. Used to great effect during the evening the experience for the audience was totally engaging. Furthermore, by combining video with live music we were able to create a really three-dimensional experience for the audience.