Great Storytelling

Great Storytelling

Great storytelling is about great scripts, great interviews and great editing. But at it's heart it's also about connecting with the subject, asking the right questions, capturing the emotions.  It's about caring about the subject matter and being curious to know more.


Here is a video which won numerous awards, one of them for 'Best Scriptwriting'.

Produced for the 2012 Weizmann Global Gathering the video was basically 100% scripted, with only the testimonials being un-scripted (but based on pre-determined questions of course).

The resulting video addressed all the needs of the client and has a compelling storyline which was very well received.

One thing you'll notice is that we wrote the script for a very specific and unique voice-over style. Enjoy.

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In 2016 we were commissioned to produce a major event for a non-profit organization celebrating it's 100th Anniversary. The challenge was to compress 100 years into a 15 minute multimedia show. WIth a massive 130ft of screen as backdrop we created a unique multimedia event which combined live music with live action and powerful imagery to immerse the audience in our journey back in time. Here is a short excerpt from the event.

For more videos of the CJA 100th Live Event: