Video & Documentary Filming

Video & Documentary Filming

Video production is a central part of any live event. With our background in TV documentaries we have the experience and artistry to create stunning, poignant, powerful award-winning videos for your organization. Whether it's using our own 4k camera rigs to flying the latest drones we have the right tools to tell your story. And we travel wherever your story takes us…from a greenscreen studio in Toronto to the Dead Sea, from Vancouver to Varanasi we know what to do, and how to do it.

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Whether it's for a live event video or a TV documentary the quality of the captured footage is key. The footage needs to be well lit, well framed, visually interesting, of high quality and it needs great sound. With our background in television documentaries we approach everything we do with a keen eye for detail. We want the video to be the best it can be so we use the right tools…the right cameras, the right lenses, the right lighting. We're also constantly investing in equipment so we bring the right tools: 4K drones, steadicam, sliders…gimbals…whatever it takes. We'll plan the shoots so we capture the right moment at the right time. In short, we use our creative, technical and logistical expertise to make world-class videos.


We like to produce videos are beautiful to watch and pack an emotional punch, that draw the viewer in and take them on a journey. In creating the right video for the right event we think about the timing, not just of the video but also where it fits in the event's timetable. We use top quality music soundtracks or sometimes even live music to tell your story. We want a video that fits aesthetically into the event itself… formatted for the screens…or projected on multiple screens or surfaces…or videos that interact with live action. Above all else, our goal is to produce a video that reflects the values of your organization, tells your story, delivers your message, informs, educates and entertains your audience. That is all that matters to us.

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Our reputation is not just based on the quality of the 'end product', we are also known for being very affordable. From the latest 4K filming equipment to specialised tools such as steadicams, drones and in-house editing facilties we really are a "one-stop-shop". This means we can react faster to your filming needs, whilst maximising the value of your budget. For international clients we find creative ways to offer efficiencies and minimise costs, such as amortizing travel costs between clients. And using online client tools we can update projects for a client in Tel Aviv just as easily as one in Montreal. It is the incremental result of all these factors that help us trim budgets and keep production costs on target. And finally, we work hard and we work fast. We have never missed a deadline and in almost all our projects are "turnkey", fixed costs productions with budgets that are locked in at the beginning of the contract. In this way we can focus on what really matters…telling your story.

...and of course all this requires a GREAT TEAM